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Learning martial arts online

Martial arts practices are by definition physical practices, that we expect to happen in the dojo and with physical contact and feedback. Examples of pioneers having started their learning with books, only to realise they were entirely missing the point are countless examples that one cannot learn martial arts by himself, in isolation, although books and videos have proven to be useful additional resources. For the longest time, learning martial arts online has been disregarded for this reason, as the online channel was seen as necessarily incomplete and superficial.     YouTube is my sensei Not all physical practices think this way however, and in recent years we’ve seen plethora of online videos and systems to approach Yoga, fitness or calisthenics, many of those having nothing to envy to systems you could find at your nearest gym. Of course, videos have been around for a long time in martial arts as well: VHS first, then DVDs and now in a digital format on YouTube or s

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