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Robert John - Breaking down internal skills

Robert John is one of the very first students of Akuzawa Minoru sensei in Aunkai, as well as one of the top instructors of the school. Over the years, Rob has worked on deconstructing the skills that make Aunkai, separating them from the more visible body conditioning part of the training, and used them to help replicate skills Akuzawa sensei is known for, in a fraction of the time normally needed.   Today, Rob talks us through the differences between skills and conditioning and gives us some insights into how we can improve the way we train. Lo How did you start martial arts? I started when I was a kid. I wanted to do Karate, and my mother agreed to enroll me in a community center class. After the teacher started using Nunchucks and Sai, my mother freaked out because she thought Karate was supposed to be empty handed - and that the damn foreigners were teaching something “violent”. I do find it ironic that my mother, who is Japanese from Kagoshima, made this assumption. Instead she

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